On a cold and rainy evening…


It’s a cold and rainy evening
I am sitting all alone
And my thoughts can’t help but linger
How you’re far and on your own.

Does the city make you anxious?
Are the dogs behaving well?
Do you know you can’t stay out late?
Please don’t hide it – call and tell.

I can’t help but think and worry…
Even though I know you’re smart!
That you’ll conquer the Big Apple
With your kind and caring heart.



If You Love Me, Let Me Go.

I’ve got mountains to climb,
Countries to seize,
Rivers to cross,
Dreams to achieve
If you love me,
Let me go.

I have villains to kill
Pathways to tread
Flags to raise up
Words to be said
If you love me,
Let me go.

I have lands to discover
Titles to claim
Stories to weave
A fire to tame
If you love me,
Let me go.

If you don’t let me go
And call me to stay
I will still love you
But I will betray
All the countries and rivers and dreams to achieve
Pathways and flags and words to be said
Lands and titles and stories to weave
Most of all the fire; It will burn me instead

You must let me go,
If you love me…