A Little Bit About Me

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My name is Indira, and I love to write and talk.  The latter I sometimes do too much, and often to myself.  The conversations I have in my head feel so real, that I open my mouth and gesture as if I’m having a chat with a friend.  This often gets me weird looks when I’m walking around the grocery store.  But I can’t help it.  It seems that my brain is made up of letters, words, and sentences.  I imagine it looks like the alphabet soup up there — a big, wet mess of A’s, B’s, and C’s randomly glued together.

My love for talking started to become apparent in the second grade, when I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Belgium.  The only word I knew in English was money, and as you can imagine that was not a very useful word to know when you’re surrounded by seven and eight year olds.  I learned to love to talk when I realized that I couldn’t talk, because no one around me understood what I had to say.  One time, I lost a photograph of a friend that I had brought to school with me.  It took me 45 minutes, ten pictures, and five thousand gestures to explain to Mrs. Hayes what I was looking for.  When I finally learned English, I couldn’t stop talking.

My love for reading, which later grew into my love for writing, came a year later, in the third grade.  Mrs. Weikel had the most stunning library in her classroom, and to this day I owe her a thank you for gifting me the access to the best children’s books.  She had everything from Ronald Dahl to Judy Blume; I devoured it all.

The more I read, the more the beauty of words grew on me, and so did my love for writing.

Besides English, I can also speak Russian, a little bit of an ethnic Russian language that you’ve never heard of, and no Dutch at all…

I was born in Russia, and have moved around over sixteen times.  Yes, I counted — although I’m pretty sure I missed some houses and cities.  I lived in Istanbul, Turkey when I was just a baby, all over Russia, Belgium (I used to speak Dutch fluently, but I have forgotten every word), and, finally, the United States.  I went to elementary and middle school in Charlotte, N.C., and graduated high school in Russia.  Attending school in Russia, to this day, remains one of the most life altering experiences I’ve been through.  I learned a lot about myself, the things I want to achieve in life, and that family and loyal, loving friends are the most important things in life.

I’m currently studying Communications with a concentration in mass media at UNC Charlotte.  This way I can write and talk for the rest of my life, and might even get paid a little for it.

This blog is a way for me to put something, anything, out there to share with you.  It’s sometimes good writing, but more often than that it’s terrible writing, however if the alphabet soup in my head doesn’t find an outlet to leak onto, I’m afraid it’ll start flowing out of my ears, and drive me all sorts of crazy.

These are the excerpts of my thoughts and life.  Thank you for reading.



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