8 Reasons I’m Looking Forward To The Holiday Season

The summer, and now October in all of it’s Halloween glory, is behind us.  While I was saddened by the departure of late sunny evenings, short skirts, and flip-flops, I’m more than ready to see Halloween in the past (my least favorite holiday in the year), and am super excited for the wonderful things November and December have to offer.

“It’s the holiday season
With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock
And don’t forget to hang up your sock..”

 — The Holiday Season (Happy Holiday)

Yes, I do realize that Christmas and the New Year isn’t for another two months, but here in Charlotte, we start celebrating early!  By that I mean Katie and I will be baking cinnamon buns on Friday.  While the cold fall and winter weather can put just about anybody in a gloomy mood, I think the upcoming celebrations make everything so much better.  So here’s the


8. Cinnamon Buns


Yes, I realize that you can really make cinnamon buns any time throughout the year.  However something feels off when you’re preparing for bikini season and munching on hot cinnamon buns.  It just doesn’t go together.  However once the weather turns dark and cold, there is nothing more perfect than some freshly baked buns, a warm blanket, and a good movie.  Which is exactly what Katie and I will be doing on Friday, when she comes home from college for the weekend.

7. The Movies

Charlie Brown Christmas! We used to watch Charlie Brown at school, right before winter break… Talk about nostalgia.

Speaking of cinnamon buns and movies!  I think everyone can agree that the holiday movies make the season ten times better!  They really help with spreading the holiday cheer and excitement, and over the years most films have grown to be family traditions.  My absolute favorite holiday movie is Elf starring Will Ferrell.  As someone who normally can’t watch a movie more than once, I never tire of Elf!  And whenever they’re randomly playing it on the TV, I get so happy, forget everything and anything I had to accomplish that day, and cozy up on the couch for the next two hours.

6. The Smells

There is nothing like the smells of freshly baked cookies, gingerbread, candy-canes, and maple syrup … from a candle!  Bath & Body Works are already busting out their holiday candles, and I’ll be the first on in there purchasing them in bulk.  It’s just part of the holiday season!  You have to light a candle with one of the smells above!

5. Scarves and Boots

I know Uggs are not “trendy” anymore, but they will always have a special place in my heart. Besides, Uggs are my go-to when I sneak out at midnight to get an Oreo McFlurry (That’s a dirty secret, by the way. If you tell anyone, I might have to kill you.)

(Please ignore the caption underneath the photo.  It was written by my evil twin.) I absolutely love boots and scarves!  My favorite thing right now are my rider boots from Aldo, because they make click-clack noises when I walk!  However I do realize that I’ll need to get one of those biker boots this season, because apparently that’s the new thing.  Oh, why must I always have to keep up with the latest fashion trends?!

4.  Christmas

Fun fact: I was in New York for Christmas last year! It was fun, but very crowded!

Yes, I know!  This should be number one!  However, I don’t actually celebrate Christmas (this is where you’re saying YOU DIRTY CHEAT!  WHY ARE YOU EVEN WRITING ABOUT THE HOLIDAY SEASON!) However! My best friend does, and I kind of ride along and enjoy the Christmas cheer with her.  Besides, a big part of the Christmas season (which I know upsets many Christians) isn’t about the religion anymore, but just more of a winter celebration.  Every since I was little, though, my family always put up a tree and gave us gifts…we just did all of this for “New Years”, but this way we didn’t feel cheated as kids.  Which, thinking back, was a very sweet and caring thing of them to do. This year, I’ll be spending the evening of December 25th with Katie and her mom, Brenda!  It will include dinner, presents, and movies … the whole shabang! I’m excited.

3. The Music

Arguably the most awesome part of the holiday season, the holiday music is ranked #3 on my list!  What is more amazing than driving in your car, the heat cranked up, while it’s wet and cold outside, listening to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer ?  Nothing, I tell you.  Absolutely nothing.

2. The Food

Oh, my goodness.  I think I live for the food I consume during the cold months.  I can literally gain up to fifteen pounds (maybe more!) in one season.  And who can blame me?  All of those frosted cookies and eggnog!  How can you say no to them?  It’s practically illegal not to eat your heart out during the holiday season.  Besides, it can all be hidden under those nice, large sweaters.  We’ll worry about the consequences in March, when you’ll have to decloak and prepare for bikini season.  Of course every year that I do this, I spend an hour crying in front of a mirror, beating myself up for eating cookies every day for the last four months… but then I get over it, hit the gym, only to do it all over again the next year!

1. Thanksgiving

My absolute favorite holiday of all the holidays is Thanksgiving!  Not only is it a beautiful way to unite all religions together, but how can you not love a day whose main points have been giving thanks and eating food since 1621? My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that, yes, food is involved with Christmas and New Years as well, but you’re always expecting something more from those holidays.  Like something besides eating at a table should happen!  Someone should be kissing you at midnight, or showing up at your doorstep expressing their love for you on poster-boards. But since for most of us Love, Actually is not a reality, we’re usually left disappointed that all we did was stuff our faces.  But not with Thanksgiving!  No!  Because with Thanksgiving you know that’s all you’ll be doing, so there is no feelings of remorse or disappointment.  Thanksgiving will never let you down!  And that’s why I LOVE it!

That sums up the eight reasons I’m looking forward to the holiday season!  I’ll be honest, I was tempted to put on the list that I’m actually looking forward to it because One Direction’s album, titled Four, is coming out at the end of November.  But I get enough heat for being a fan of that band as it is, so I refrained.  But if you’re in love with their music just as much as I am, I’m sending you a virtual high-five!

And if you’re not, I’m sorry I took up ten seconds of your time with the statement I just made above.

Whatever you love (or hate) about the holiday season, I hope it’ll be a great next four months for you!  Stay warm!

With all my love,



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