The Terribly Stupid Thing I Did

I was hesitant to write this post,  just because it’s not always easy to admit that you are a complete and total fool who did a Terribly Stupid Thing.  What Terribly Stupid Thing?  Well, this past weekend, aside from celebrating Labor Day in Florida, I also crashed a car into a mailbox.

Yes, I know.

Rewind to Friday.

Katie had come down for the weekend from college so we could spend Labor Day weekend in Florida riding the waves on a boat.  By the time Katie got home it was too late to leave that same day, so we were scheduled to depart for our trip early next morning.  After catching up with Katie’s mom, and watching funny YouTube videos, we decided we were craving some ice cream.  You know, the amazing McDonald’s McFlurries, my ultimate guilty pleasure.  Although we have no business eating ice cream at 10 o’clock at night, that has never stopped Katie and me before.

We grabbed the closest keys from the kitchen island…the car keys which happened to belong to Katie’s mom.  So here we are, skipping out the door, super excited for the upcoming weekend.  Somehow the keys ended up in my hands, and I found myself sitting behind the wheel.  On a normal occasion, this is no big deal, since I have driven the SUV before.

Katie, the music maniac that she is, turns on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, and we start bouncing around the car, happy to listen to the ridiculous (albeit fun) song.

Here is the thing:  Katie’s house is situated on a hill, and the garage opens up to a very steep downhill drive.  So when you pull out, your foot has to stay on the brake, carefully and slowly rolling down the driveway.

Except when you’re listening to “Shake It Off”, and it’s dark outside, and you are singing and dancing with your best friend…you sometimes forget all of those things, and press on the gas pedal instead.

The first thing I heard was the loud THUMP, and then a sound that sounded like scattered pebbles.  I shut the song off and looked at Katie.  I prayed to myself that I had just run over a stone decorative piece that would cause little damage and was easy to replace.  I quickly put the car in PARK mode and ran outside.   Katie followed.

My mouth dropped open.

Katie’s BRICK mailbox was toppled over, and bricks scattered all over her cul-de-sac.  Half of the bumper on the car was hanging off, broken into two pieces.  That I did not expect.

I paled.

The first thing I thought was I have got to fix this before someone finds out.  For a split second, I debated putting the mailbox together one brick at a time.  Which was ridiculous, because I had no cement, the car was messed up, and it was dark outside.  Put you know, I was just PANICKING.  This was my first car accident, and I was nothing short of mortified.

At least I didn’t do THAT.

Katie, the sweet soul that she is, said “I’ll tell Mom I did it!” and at first I replied, “PLEASE!” I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh hysterically or cry…also hysterically.  Of course lying would have just made things much worse, so I fessed up that I was the real culprit.

Thankfully, Katie’s mom remained calm, and she reassured me that, “Things happen, Indira.”

That didn’t mean I enjoyed telling my Dad what had happened.  That was fun!  The worst part is that he didn’t even get mad at me, he just looked kind of disappointed.  I LOVE driving, and feel that it was my biggest stepping stone into adulthood.  But at that moment I wanted nothing more than to crawl into a corner and feel sorry myself, missing the days when I was a baby who got driven around everywhere.

I also realized that even though I am over eighteen, I still don’t deserve the title of Adult.  Because I was afraid of telling my dad I crashed a car.  How sad is that? That’s me.  Freaking out over everything since 1995.

Thankfully the insurance companies hashed everything out, but I did learn a few lessons from the whole ordeal:

  1. I am still not that great of a driver, and probably never will be.
  2. Which is why I should always be careful when I’m behind the wheel.
  3. No more listening to Taylor Swift when I’m driving.
  4. There are things that are a lot worse than a busted bumper, a scratched car door, and a ruined mailbox.  So it’s important to count your blessings!
  5. McFlurries at 10 PM … yeah, that needs to stop.
  6. I have an amazing best friend who was willing to take the blame, just to cover my butt.  If that’s not love, I do not know what is.

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!

All my love,



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